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We have switched farmers markets this year. After much deliberation it was decided that joining the Shelby County Farmers market would be in our best interest. Our previous farmers market was not very inviting to new members and was very hard to navigate. It also was not in the greatest location and did not receive very much traffic. Our hope is that we will be much more successful now that we have switched.

I will also be joined by a good friend of mine from work who builds crafty things. She is very talented and extremely funny. Before we decided to make the switch we attended the first meeting of the new market. Apparently the market had gone through some changes over last year and were in need of some new officers and board members. She and I (knowing how apt we are at either volunteering ourselves or being volunteered for things) both proceeded to sink in our seats to avoid detection, in the room of 10 people. Despite our best efforts, and the small detail that we were not yet approved members, she is now the new secretary and I am on the board.

A week or so later, at the first board meeting, we officially approved our own membership into the market… A little backwards but it’s something nice to put on a resume and I get to put together a new members packet to ensure new members aren’t completely lost and confused their first day. I consider this a win on my part.

Last weekend we cleaned up the market area, which is a very nice pavilion located at the fairgrounds with large signs and banners, a bathroom (this is a nice perk, no more having to make the littles pee behind the bushes of the courthouse. You did not hear that from me), and stalls that are designated for each vendor. These are our stalls. I have to say that so far I am quite pleased. The market officially opens on the 11th of May. For those of you in the area I hope to see you there! 8-12am!

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