Forcing our hand

Sometimes in life you make list of what you want to get done and when you want to get it done, and then life comes at you and says “nope, you must get it done NOW NOW NOW!”. Such is the life of home ownership (I would say building a home, but let’s be real here, this happens to just about everyone).

Last week I had finished cutting the tile for the bathroom so that this week we could finish laying it and have the bathroom floor complete by C’s birthday party. As some of you know we have been battling some flooding issues in the bathroom and boys’ room that we have just about completely resolved. We began noticing that the untiled floors in the bathroom were still wet and despite running the dehumidifier the drywall was starting to grow mold. After taking a closer look we realized that the wax seal on the toilet had failed and was flooding the bathroom every time we flushed the toilet.

Out we went that day to buy a new, and better, seal. Yesterday we spent the day fixing the toilet, fixing the loose tile that was under the toilet, and laying the tile in the spots of the floor that weren’t wet. We still have two very small areas that need to be tiled but that should only take a half an hour once the floors dry. We also removed the pieces of drywall that molded and will be replacing them with mold resistant drywall. At least this fix has only cost us about $25. It could have been so much worse.

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