Rough summer

This spring and summer has been rough for produce growers. Everyone I have talked to either has or are currently losing produce left and right. The spring was really hot and wet. We lost almost all of our cabbage family plants. We bought some hoop benders at the begining of the season but couldn’t get out money situation straighted out enough to make hoop houses out of our brassica beds. Next year we are going to spread them out more, have them bigger when we put them out, and put a cover over them during it gets too hot. Hopefully we can get some yield out of them. From what I understand they do better in the fall anyway.

The summer plants took a big hit because it was too cool and wet for them for a very long time. Finally over the past three weeks the rain has stopped and the sun has come out and we are finally getting everything to grow. We are hoping we will finally start to get a good yield in the next few weeks. I feel bad for our CSAs. I’ve had to cut back a lot to compensate for the lag in produce. We are learning a lot.though and have a much better plan to go forward with next year.

The good news is that my bread business is really taking off. We could potentially come out of this ahead, finally. I don’t want to jinx it though.

Update on the bees

It has been a hard spring with all the rain. I’ll update you all on that later. The one shining start through it has been our bees. The three colonies we bought are currently doing wonderfully.

Out if the four splits we made into the queen castle two have produced queens and have been moved to nucs. One of our starter colonies started a swarm cell while we were on vacation so we moved the queen to her own nuc and are waiting for the new queens to hatch.

So at the moment we have 5 hives with queens, four hives with capped queen cups that will hopefully be hatching in the next week, and two that we are waiting to see what they do (one may have a queen on a mating flight and one was just started today).

From 3 to 5 hives in a month and a half isn’t bad!