Whew it’s been a while!

As many of you know it’s been a long hard year. C had some heart trouble that led to us losing almost a months worth of income which was incredibly difficult. I ended up working a lot more than thought would and I went through some personal issues tht kept me off of here. BUT I’M BACK, and I have so much to share with you!!! I also have some great new blog topics coming as well, so stay tuned!! After months of searching for someone to work on our driveway we FINALLY had someone not only say they were coming out, but actually did, and give us a quote THAT DAY, and (catch this), call us with a date they can start. I’m still skeptical, but I think this may actually happen. However, they weren’t going to be able to fill in the gigantic hole between the house and the septic that was never filled in.

During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend we rented a backhoe and, after over a year, finally filled in the giant hole. This also means we no longer have a rickety bridge to walk across to get into the house. We also filled in some around the back of the house to improve the drainage. We will have to finish that later this summer when we rent something smaller and it dries up more. We also started working in the new driveway (which is what they are putting in). It will cut about 50 feet off the driveway and won’t be as steep).

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