A muddy mess

It’s been two weeks since we prepped the driveway. Today was the day they were supposed to put in the new driveway. I have been looking forward to this day for two weeks. They had to postpone it because it’s raining. It may be raining tomorrow too. All of my joy is currently gone! Not really, but I do like a flair for the dramatic. The old driveway is slowly devolving into a complete muddy mess. I have to wear my mud boots to the car and physically carry each individual child (except the 15 year old, although I think she would really appreciate it if I did!) in the morning and the evening when I get home. Today I left the house without extra shoes but refuse to wear my mud boots in building because it’s just plain rude to track mud everywhere you go. So this is how I look at my son’s speech therapy appointment. I feel so stylish, and yes those are my work heels, and vampire socks. I also currently hate my driveway.

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