Podcast of the month: Science for the People

The podcast of the month this month is one of my all time favorites. It’s called Science for the People.

If you want to learn a lot about science this podcast is exactly what I would recommend. Every week they interview a different author/ scientist/ researcher about something they have published. Each episode is about an hour long and incredibly informative. The really cool thing is that every episode is full of information about one specific topic and you really learn a lot about the science behind it.

I have just recently started listening so I have only listened to about 20 episodes, however, it is first on my list whenever I get a chance to listen. Unfortunately my podcast app has an issue with downloading the episodes so I can only listen when I’m in an area where I get great service.

My favorite episodes so far have been:

Episode #536: let them eat dirt. They interview Dr Bretty Finlay about his book about letting kids be exposed to germs. It was amazing and really made me feel better about my anti-antibacterial stance on child rearing.

Episode #532: a class conversation. In this one they talk with Daniel Laurison, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Swarthmore College and coauthor of the book “The Class Ceiling: Why it Pays to be Privileged”, about class and its impacts on people and our systems.

I loved that they really went in depth into how different people define class and the issues with the definitions and why we shouldn’t be so quick to judge those we don’t view as middle or upper class. It’s pretty fascinating.

Honorable mentions: The climate doomsday episode was one of my favorites because I had just finished reading David Wallace-Wells’s new book on climate change and it was fantastic getting to hear him talk.abiut it right after finishing it.

Also the prosperity without growth because I have been independently studying economics over the past 6 or 7 years and found what Tim Jackson had to say. I was so impressed that apparently I couldn’t stop mentioning how much I wanted to read his book Prosperity Without Growth, so C bought it for me for my birthday! I was elated to say the least.

Finally the best episode is apparently a yearly episode they put out for the holidays. It’s entitled “give a nerd a gift” and it goes over all the best nerd gifts of the year both in books and non books. The book list gives me my reading list for the year (I’ve already read 3 books on the list) and the non book list gave me ideas for at least three gifts this year. Actually I ended up giving everyone on my list who wasn’t a small child something from this episode.

Lastly if you donate at least $5 a month they will send you amazing swag on a different super awesome little known scientist every year. This year they celebrated Mary Golda Ross, if you don’t know a out her look her up. She’s beyond amazing.

Needless to say if you are a science nerd this podcast is a must for you. Go listen. Now. Also tell them I sent you!

Finally getting floors in

We asked for gift certificates to our nearby home improvement store for Christmas, and we got what we wanted. Last weekend we went out and bought some plywood, 2×1 boards, and shims to finally get plywood down in the kids rooms.

Our goal is to not be walking on concrete floors by mid spring. After we finish the girls room (this week) we will be tackling the large main room.

We are pretty excited about this new development. It’s so nice to be able to walk on level ground and not have to worry about falling on concrete. The kids love it too. Once we get then plywood down we will start putting down the hardwood. We are doing two different colors of bamboo. One in the kids rooms and a darker one in the main room. We already have them picked out too. Hopefully we can start working on that sometime this summer.

Let there be wind!!

When C got his bonus at work we were finally able to out some money towards getting a wind turbine. It was about $2300 for the set up but we were excited to finally have the ability to keep the batteries charged when there wasn’t sufficient sun for days. We got it installed on top of the battery house (after trying to manipulate a giant metal contraption shaped like a moveable insect, it was quite difficult).

The battery house is about 10 feet above the ground, and then we put it on a 6ft tall metal pipe, so about 16 feet off the ground.

At first there was wind, but we had installed it wrong and it made lots of noise but no electricity. After about 24 hours we fixed the installation problem, and proceeded to have about 10 days with little to no wind, of course.

Finally we got wind, but discovered that since the battery house is in a valley the wind that we get is considered “dirty” wind (meaning it’s really turbulent) so we aren’t using the turbine efficiently and it’s not making as much energy as it should. We figured out that we either need to raise the turbine another 10 ft, or move it to higher ground. It’s probably going to be cheaper to move it up on the hill and have it 16 ft above ground there. Hopefully that will solve the problem. I’ll let you know when we finally get around to it.

We got the driveway… Sort of

They finally came and put in our driveway about 2 days after my last post about it. They spent all day working and we’re extremely nice. I was really happy with it, although at this point I would be happy with anything. C got home from work about an hour after they left and was pretty pissed about the whole thing. We paid a lot of money from them to grade the driveway, especially on the new section where they were going to cut into the dirt to make it flat and even before laying the gravel. They didn’t. The second section of driveway was more or less thrown together with gravel laid on an uneven ground, which is tilted and on a hill, and they didn’t put in a pad big enough for two cars. It just stops. He called the next day and we got it in writing that they would come back in the spring when it was dry and fix it. In the meantime we are just hoping the whole bottom part doesn’t wash away before they come back. C is going to make sure to take off work when they do. That’s probably for the best.

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! Happy new year! Man am I glad that this year is over. We didn’t do nearly what we had planned, and had a lot of setbacks. Thankfully, with the support.if friends and family, we were able to pull through in the end. We were able to get a driveway sort of put in, and a wind turbine, also sort of installed (these posts are scheduled for the next week so stay tuned). We have a definitive path that the farm will hopefully take, which is definitely a step in the right direction. Also (a future post on this as well) I have been accepted to the U of L MS sustainability program. I am very excited and will have a lot more to post about this in the future. It looks as though the farm and CSA are going to be a large part of my degree so I’m pretty thrilled. I hope you all have a safe and happy New year!!