When you can’t leave the house….

Aside from not being able to detach from my children, we have been really enjoying the quarentine period.  There has definitely been a lot of introspection on what this means for us in the future. C is absolutely flourishing, I am having a little more trouble. We have come to the realization that our decisions concerning his transition to staying home to manage the farm and my transition to full time work is the correct one for us. Unfortunately he had to return to work before any of this could take place, it is hopeful that this will occur in the next five years. For my sanity I hope it takes less time than that!

In the meantime we have focused our energies on both farm and home projects. The big project that we are most proud of is our kitchen. We purchased some of the cabinets and made our own countertops out of MDF and Stonecoat  Countertops epoxy. We also put in the wood floors. They will eventually extend the length of the house, but right now it’s just the kitchen.

Putting in the floor and countertops
The MDF is painted and ready for epoxy
We still need to put in the rest of the cabinets, do some finishing work, and put up the backsplash, but we are very happy with these results
A sample of how the countertops turned out. It’s beautiful.

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