Nerding out with Agroecology

This was an introduction blog I made for my Patreon subscribers last week! I hope you enjoy it!

I probably should have made this the new first transition blog, but I didn’t consider it until now, so here you go!  I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me through this entire process. Some of you have been with me from the beginning when we started building the house 5 years ago, and some of you have just discovered me today. All of you are important to me.  So thank you for reading my blog!

Along with discussing sustainable living, which is a fun topic I will never stop discussing, I will be adding a new focus that is very exciting to me. My goal is to bring ecological awareness to the general public. I think many of us do not have a great enough appreciation for how ecology effects our daily lives, and how many of the current way that we interact with our environment is actually damaging the environment. 

My particular focus is on agroecology, and it’s actually what I am currently focusing on in graduate school. Agroecology is the science of integrating ecological processes into agroculture production systems. More generally it’s cultivating the organisms in the soil and above ground to work with agriculture instead of fighting against them. I’ll be discussing papers and processes with you periodically as well as interviewing farmers and backyard gardeners who are already implementing these tactics. I will also continue to discuss political and economic issues that effect the agricultural industry, sustainability, and climate change as well. My goal is to make these ideas more accessible to everyone. I want you over time to grow an appreciation for the environment around you and delight in watching as the diversity in your yard and garden grows thanks to ecology. Maybe if we can get a few people to change the way we interact with our environment then we can influence more until real changes are being made. 

it’s honestly fascinating to think about how everything in an ecosystem is tied together. To know that plants are healthier when they have a robust network of microorganisms working below ground to regulate water and nutrient content. To know that utilizing different plants will help regulate insect populations by recruiting beneficial insects, birds, or other predators. Agriculture doesn’t have to be tilling, planting, spraying, and harvesting. it can be so much more. There can be so much life in and around your homes and farms if you only recognize what we have available to us, processes that the earth has been utilizing since the beginning of life.

I am so excited to share my love of ecology with you, and I have months of blog posts planned, so please like, share, and follow the blog and please consider following our Patreon for exclusive content!

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