Population Control and Sustainability?

As an academic I find it necessary to share some information with you that I find particularly important. Last week one of my classes discussed the relationship between population growth and sustainability. One of my fellow students brought up that her and her husband had decided to only have one child based on the idea … Continue reading Population Control and Sustainability?

No Red Meat? Alpha Gal, a story.

While I am a strong proponent of utilizing livestock agriculture in regenerative systems I also strongly believe that we need to cut down on our meat consumption, especially in more developed countries. The American diet is awful. We eat too much, we waste too much, and many of us are very unhealthy. In fact both … Continue reading No Red Meat? Alpha Gal, a story.

Surviving NTI

I read an article recently, published in May, discussing the successes of a basic income on unemployed people in Finland. It was a two year study in which "it boost[ed] recipients’ mental and financial well-being, as well as modestly improving employment". This is not the first study to explore the effects of a minimum income, … Continue reading Surviving NTI