Bamboo floors!

Slowly but surely we are continuing to make improvements to the house. It's amazing when a room suddenly looks like a house instead of a construction site! While the pandemic has landed me without a job and unable to search for another due to becoming a full time teacher to my children we were nervous … Continue reading Bamboo floors!

I wait for this ALL YEAR!

In terms of entertainment there are two things that I really enjoy. I can do without TV, Movies, and even music to an extent (although I do REALLY enjoy music, especially anything originating from the 90's and 2000's), but when given the opportunity to entertain myself I nearly always chose either books or science podcasts. … Continue reading I wait for this ALL YEAR!

Keeping warm this winter

We have made some significant improvements to the house this year. We still have a bit more to do in order to meet our 2020 goals, but it's looking really good that these things are going to happen!!! One of these improvements included replacing our old wood burning stove. that barely heated the downstairs and … Continue reading Keeping warm this winter