Bamboo floors!

Slowly but surely we are continuing to make improvements to the house. It’s amazing when a room suddenly looks like a house instead of a construction site! While the pandemic has landed me without a job and unable to search for another due to becoming a full time teacher to my children we were nervous that all our plans for this year would need to be put on hold. Thankfully, due to some generous donations, we were able to purchase some bamboo hardwood flooring for the house, finish installing the cabinets in the kitchen, and install the rest of the master bathroom (all except the shower). We have plenty of projects to keep us busy for the next few weeks, mainly finishing installing the flooring in the master bedroom, children’s rooms, and the living room. Our hope is that once these are finished we can start, in 2021, putting our energies into installing the siding to the outside of the house, installing the soffits outside (this is probably the most important), finishing insulating the attic, and hiring someone to drywall our living room ceiling. However, our final land payment is also due this coming year so most, if not all, of our spare income will be going towards paying it off. If you would like to help with either of these endeavors I have added a donation button to our page. We appreciate all of our readers (and truthfully I’m still surprised anyone reads this!). Please like and share our page with your friends too! Enjoy the pictures of our floor installation and I will be adding more as we go!

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