Cover crops?

This post is a month late. Everything in this post occurred a month ago. Sometimes it happens that other posts take precedence. C'est la vie. This year I was determined to plant cover crops on my beds to increase water and nutrient retention for the following year. I thought I was on the ball! I … Continue reading Cover crops?

It’s time to order your chickens!

If you are planning to purchase your chickens, especially large quantities, from a breeder (as opposed to buying them from agriculture retail stores), now is the time to do it. If you are still unsure where you want to purchase your poultry livestock check out our earlier post on Choosing the Right Chicken. Once you … Continue reading It’s time to order your chickens!

Happy Birthday, here’s 40!

I turn 40 today. It's a milestone I have been both looking forward to and dreading. Personally I really like the idea of growing older. I am definitely more mature, and much more inclined towards the intellectual than I was even 5 years ago (although in truth I always have been motivated to learn more … Continue reading Happy Birthday, here’s 40!