It’s time to order your chickens!

If you are planning to purchase your chickens, especially large quantities, from a breeder (as opposed to buying them from agriculture retail stores), now is the time to do it. If you are still unsure where you want to purchase your poultry livestock check out our earlier post on Choosing the Right Chicken. Once you have decided where to purchase your chickens, and if that is a breeder, now is the time to be placing those orders to ensure your chickens will arrive when you want them to.

We are ordering 4 types of chickens this year from the hatchery: light brahmas, cochins, bantams, and the cream legbars we fell in love with last year (I mean, check out the bouffonts these ladies sport).

Photo by Murray McMurray Hatchery

Last I checked, two months ago, ordering was still unavailable for most of these varieties. When I checked yesterday the earliest available shipment date was in May. I went ahead and placed my orders, two of them staggered by 3 weeks so the first group can be moved out to the nursery coop before the next group arrives. I also scheduled my payments to be made 2 weeks before shipment. Some of these varieties sell our quickly so I highly recommend ordering yours as soon as you can to ensure delivery of your chickens. If you decide not to purchase your chicks this year rest assured that I will be posting plenty of pictures, posts, and videos (for my Patreon subscribers) of our baby chickens this summer! We are also hoping to have baby chicks from our current chicken population, but I’m not banking on that just yet.

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