Cover crops?

This post is a month late. Everything in this post occurred a month ago. Sometimes it happens that other posts take precedence. C’est la vie.

This year I was determined to plant cover crops on my beds to increase water and nutrient retention for the following year. I thought I was on the ball! I ordered my winter rye seeds in September and was ready to plant when I had a free moment. Except, the kids school happened, and my school happened, and lots of other more pressing items. Somehow December arrived and the seeds were yet to be planted.

One sunny, above freezing, day I headed out to the garden and prepped the beds (i.e. cut down the larger plants that had not been taken out yet, like tomatoes and corn). I also took down the electrified wire that had been poorly serving as a makeshift fence and put a new heavy duty chicken fence for the solar fence system we bought earlier this year.

I then went to work planting and covering the winter rye seeds I had bought. All 14 beds. I then covered them up as best I could, turned the new fence on, and hoped that they would grow. I’m not very hopeful since I got them out so late, but we tend to do things the wrong way the first time and then come back and do them better the next year, usually. I’ll keep you posted if anything pops up.

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