Damn the Gas Company

This saga has been a never ending battle over the past three years. The issue: our driveway vs the gas company.

As many of you know, our driveway has been the bane of our existence. We had a driveway we put in originally, but where we put it ended up having a very steep incline that was difficult to maneuver when it was icy or muddy. To remedy this we paid a company $6,000 last year to put in a new driveway with a less steep incline. They came out in one day, didn’t put down the driveway fabric we bought to keep the gravel from sinking into the dirt, and only put down the small gravel instead of the large gravel first followed by the small gravel. The whole thing was a mess and they didn’t d their job. When we called them out on it they said they would come back out and fix it, but then covid happened and they never came. Over the course of the past year the driveway has degraded into a muddy mess that we have a hard time using.

With this story, comes the story of of the gas company. I will not name names, but it is the gas company that serves our area. They can only use our first driveway. They refuse to use the driveway if it is wet in any way. Because of this we run out of propane once a year. Typically we can get it filled within the week and it’s fine, but it’s still annoying as hell. it really all depends on who is driving. They have one guy who can’t drive their truck and won’t listen to anyone because he thinks he knows best. He refuses to come to our house because the last time he delivered he insisted on going up our new driveway cut it too close and ended up getting stuck down by the mulberry tree. It took several hours and a special crane tow truck to get him out. Last week we contacted them to let them know we were running low on propane. We then had the big snow storm, “snowmagedon” as you recall. We have officially run out of propane and it may be WEEKS before they can come down the driveway. Possibly longer than that. When we called them back once we had run out they told us that they guy driving the trucks “didn’t feel comfortable delivering to our house”.

Yesterday we went to Tractor Supply and filled the two small propane tanks we had used for our old generator. Then Chris bypassed the larger propane tank, hooked these two tanks up, and we officially have enough propane to have hot water, use the dryer, and cook (we just have to be conservative with it). Sometimes you just have to have a plan B, just in case you have to deal with asshole companies. Also, we plan on spending another $2000 this year to finish fixing the new driveway. If they still can’t deliver to us, then they are just being ridiculous.

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