Day ???? Something or other

Our 11yo was exposed to COVID from Feb 17-19. We were informed of his exposure on the 23rd and had him tested on the 26th (7 days from his last exposure) with a positive result coming back the next day (the 27th). It is now a week since I had him tested. Everyone but the littles are confined to their rooms. The littles are sharing the living room and the kitchen, but not at the same time. I spend most of my day with the littles while Chris quarantines upstairs. Everyone wears masks all day.

I am tired of masks. I hate them, the kids hate them. Everyone hates them.

So far nobody, not even the 11yo, is showing any symptoms, except a stuffy nose. I am still watching him like a hawk, but hopefully he can get through this with little to no trouble. I am starting to shift the focus to watching Chris and I. I have no idea what to expect, or even what kind of time scale to be looking at. if my calculations are correct we should be showing symptoms sometime between now and the 9th.

The 16yo and I went to get tested yesterday and Chris is getting tested Saturday. We went through a drive through testing center in town and should have our results sometime today or tomorrow. If it comes back negative we will get retested on the 8th, just to be sure. In the mean time we are spending a lot of time just laying around being bored, alone.

On a good note Chris emptied out the library so we can finish putting the floor down, and I separated the growing Brassicas into their own wells. I am prepping them to be placed in the makeshift greenhouse on Monday when overnight temperatures stop dropping below freezing. I made the greenhouse the other day by wrapping thick clear plastic around the metal hoops we made two years ago just for this purpose.

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