Seizures … among other things

The results came back yesterday. Both my 16yo and I so far are negative. While this is a huge relief, it still means that we have to continue to quarantine from each other for at least the next week. I am taking the 11yo to get retested today. Hopefully he will come back negative and can start emerging from his room again. He is miserable.

While we have been lucky that he has been able to get through this virtually unscathed (he has been mostly asymptomatic so far) it has definitely increased his seizure activity. He has had 2 seizures since testing positive. Both of them about twice as long as normal and one was accompanied by vomiting. As he only has seizures when he is asleep, overnight has been touch and go.

In the meantime we have been trying to keep ourselves from going crazy. We ordered groceries that my mom was able to pick up for us. I also replanted by baby Brassicas and lettuce so they would have individual wells to grow into. Chris finally hung the big light in the front entryway that we purchased months ago and somehow haven’t broken it while it sat on the floor by the girls’ room. I’ll post pictures of these things tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

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