Catch up time!!

I have a ton of post I have in queue… to write. They aren’t actually written yet. I jut have pictures in my phone of posts I was going to make but…just haven’t yet. Things here have been very busy a we are getting everything prepped to start the growing season. We completely redid the garden, I planted almost half of our spring plant and have the rest in the well planters ready to be planted. I am waiting until after the frost to get those in, more on that later. We have added rows of raspberries and blackberries, so we can control them better and have larger tastier berries come harvest time. Chris treated the bees for mites and we have 5 strong hives that survived the winter. We started with 7, so we lost 2. We have plan to majorly ramp up hive production this year, so be prepared to hear about that a lot!! We also fixed the driveway and added parking areas. We can now have about 5 cars parked without having to rearrange cars in order for people to leave, and NO MUD, YAY!! I am sure that there is more, for right now that’s all I can remember.

Thanks to my husband (and two close friends) I have also discovered Tik Tok, which I’m really enjoying. I like that it’s like twitter in that you can decide who you follow and who you don’t, meaning you can follow some really fun, interesting, and educational things (which I do, granted I also know you can follow some mindless awful things too, so there is that as well). We had originally toyed with the idea of posting videos on YouTube, and even did a few, but OMG they take forever and we are way too … all over the place, for that. I like the idea of posting to Tik Tok. 60 seconds blurbs of what we are doing at that moment in time. Sounds perfect to me. I’ll let you know if I actually start to do it. Also, I think I have FINALLY convinced Chris to let me get a few goats in order to properly run a regenerative farm. I am VERY excited about this, and have been on the search for goats every since he gave the OK.

Today I will introduce you to the new garden plot. I ripped out the old garden beds and had Chris run the skid steer through the garden, removing the good soil from where the plots were and about 4-6 inches of the regular soil. Then he redistributed all the dirt over the new garden. I know this isn’t regenerative, but we needed to remove the vegetation and agitate the soil but did not have the proper tools to do so regeneratively (a ruminant and time). I did cover the agitated soil with straw and woven black plastic in order to preserve the soil’s integrity as best I could. I hope this works!! Our goal is to have enough produce to supply 10 CSAs a week and till have some to bring to the market. Finger’s crossed!!

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