Finally, a new driveway!

I know, I know, didn’t you do this LAST year? Why yes, we did do this last year. In fact, we spent $6,000 doing this last year. We paid a company to come out and plot in a new driveway. As part of the quote they were supposed to come out, create the driveway, place the drainage tubes we had bought, place the driveway fabric that we had also bought to keep the gravel from sinking into the mud, and place gravel all the way down the new driveway and the extra large parking area we had also paid for them to put in. They did almost none of that. they came out for one day, scraped the new driveway, and added two truckloads of the tiny gravel that is supposed to go on top of the larger driveway gravel (that they did not put down), did not put down the drainage or fabric, and did not put in the extra large driveway. We called to complain so they agreed to come out in April when it was more dry. Then COVID happened, the world shut down, and they never came back out.

Fast forward to a year later and our entire driveway is nearly gone, again. Most of the tiny gravel had washed away or sunk into the ground and there was mud EVERYWHERE. We made the executive decision to do it ourselves this time. With our relief check we were able to spend $3000 on a skid steer rental and two loads of gravel (one large and one small). We then spent the entire weekend fixing the driveway the way it should have been done from the beginning. We placed the drainage tubes, laid the fabric down, and covered it all in gravel. We even added an even larger parking area than we had originally wanted.

We were able to go from a muddy mess of a driveway, to this:

And then FINALLY to this, and the best part is that there aren’t rivers that run down the driveway when it rains! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our patreon! for only $5 a month you can read exclusive content on each post AND have access to upcoming videos!!

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