The Chicken Nesting Boxes

Last year I bought a really nice nesting box for the chickens. It was metal, had ten boxes, and wooden roosting bars. It cost about $200 and I was really proud of it. So proud in fact, that I let the box sit against the battery house for whole year. Meanwhile the chickens have been laying, where ever they want. Sometime we can find the eggs, most of the time we can’t.

In the last week of being home, Chris finally convinced me to get out there and put the thing together. I knew it wasn’t going to be difficult, I just had a hard time getting my act together to want to do it. It took maybe an hour to put together and look really nice. We even filled it with straw once it was put up. Now we have to wait for the chickens to notice it’s there. Instead, they are laying on our unfinished deck, breaking every one as it drops several feet to the ground. Great job chickens. Great job. Hopefully soon they will notice the nice nests I have made for them…Maybe.

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