Mama Duck

Our Khaki Campbell female duck has been laying eggs since late last year. She keeps getting upset about us removing her eggs and continues to move where she lays (even though we make sure to leave a fake egg in place of the real eggs). About a month ago we found her new laying spot with four eggs inside. We were going to remove them when we noticed she had built up an actual nest, so we decided to let her continue to lay and see what happens. She continued to lay eggs and build up her next for another week or so, and then started sitting. It has been about two weeks and she has only moved off of her nest for a maximum of 20 minutes each day to eat and take a quick bath. We have counted 11 eggs, but there may be as many as 13, we aren’t sure. By our calculations they should be hatching in about 2 weeks, and if so we could have MORE BABY DUCKLINGS!! I am very excited about this new development. Also, the Pekin we acquired last year is definitely a female and has also been laying eggs, but we have been taking those as we find them. She has been laying fairly massive white eggs. It is nice to finally have eggs on a regular basis. Also I love my ducks. They are by far my favorite.

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