The CSA is back!!

After a year hiatus the CSA has returned!!! We are starting slow, with 5 $10 baskets every week. Mainly because only half of the spring produce came in well. I know what I did wrong though, and will be changing it up next year so that we have a much larger spring harvest. The kale and lettuce came in the best. It is beautiful, although last week was the last bit of lettuce. It has since bolted.

The summer produce will prove to be much more fruitful, HA! Fruitful. We were able to plant 150 tomato plants, of different types. 60 pepper plants, also of all different types. another 30 eggplant plants, 20 tomatillos, corn, squash, snap peas, zucchini, beans, etc. While there is always this lull when the plants could still fail, the peppers and tomatoes are growing strong. While I hold my breath on the rest of the plants to either make it or not, I am hopeful for the success of the CSA in the coming months, as well as next year and the years going forward.

In July we will be adding honey and blackberry jam to the boxes. Next year raspberries and eggs will also be added. We have big plans for the farm, with the goal of eventually offering 25 baskets every spring and 50 every summer. Since we started the CSA with the intention of being able to offer boxes to those in need starting this summer we will also be offering the opportunity to donate baskets to families in need. Stay tuned for this!! I am very excited!

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