Blackberries are in!!!!

GUYS!!! GUYS!! The blackberries are in!!! I am so excited!! I went out yesterday and collected enough for 2 CSA boxes and a batch of jam, which will make about 8 jars of jam. Meaning…. as long as I can get to it today we should have jam at the farmers market on Saturday!!!

I love blackberry season! I love being able to bring cartons of blackberries to the market, and have jam, and have enough blackberries for the family to eat all kinds of blackberry desserts and frozen blackberries with sugar and cream. Delicious!!!

The only downside to blackberry season are the bug bites!!! I forgot to put on bug spray and am now absolutely covered in bug bites. The worst are the chigger bites. My legs have become a giant chigger bite. They itch like crazy and keep me from getting good sleep. It’s awful!!! I have tried creams, sprays, tea tree oil, baking soda, nothing is working to relieve the itch. If you have any suggestions PLEASE SEND HELP!!!

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One thought on “Blackberries are in!!!!

  1. Solution to bug bites! Raw, Apple Cider Vinegar! Works amazingly great on mosquito bites. I apply with cotton round. However, not sure about chigger bites. We have always used clear fingernail polish on chigger bites. You might also try a Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) bath. I use it for everything!!! I have a recipe also for a detox bath which uses ACV. Ingredients are: ACV, (raw, with the Mother in it), baking soda, sea salt, & epsom salt. Soak in as hot as you can tolerate bath for at least 20-30 minutes or more. Do not re-enter hot water while soaking as this will re-enter the toxins that were pulled from your body back in. Once the water cools, then get out of the bath. Drink LOTS of water to help flush out toxins from your body. I am not a physician, just sharing what I have used. Take bath before bedtime as it can sometimes make you feel fatigued. ACV is a natural softner, so it’s great for your hair as well. I’m so sorry for all your bug bites. Mine usually swell up a lot. I guess they think I’m extra sweet! Ha!

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