I’m a Puddle

It is currently 90 degrees in our house. I am officially a puddle. The kids are hanging out in their underwear and occasionally the 16 yo yells “It’s so hot!”. The heat is making us snippy at each other, Chris spends most of his time feeling ill, and turns the rest us into piles of goo instead of semi productive members of society. I am currently supposed to be working on the spreadsheet for my thesis data so I have something to report to my advisor when we meet on Thursday, but I have a strong case of the “I don’t wanna”s. I have decided to have minimal work scheduled for this week with long spans of “lay in front of the fan” time.

This schedule works well for me.

I know what you are saying, “Weren’t you supposed to be purchasing an air conditioning unit in the last year?”. Why yes, yes we were. Other things were purchased instead, like hardwood floors and new batteries so we weren’t going through 5 gallons of gas a night via the generator. We are currently regretting this decision, although overall it was probably the better one.

The problem with purchasing the AC we want is that we would also need to order another set of batteries and more solar panels. Thankfully, us waiting to do so has allowed us the opportunity to take advantage of much lower prices of both batteries and solar panels, so we would actually be saving money. However, we would still need $6000 to set the whole thing up. Right now that’s the equivalent of $100,000 to our bank account. Not gonna happen any time soon. Boo.

I need a job.

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