More baby ducklings!!

It’s official!!!! Mama duck has had her second clutch? brood? Brood. They are adorable!! I was able to catch one MID HATCH!!!! It was absolutely amazing. Hopefully this brood will fair better than the last one! She is also having some difficulty with her hatch rate. She only hatches about half of her eggs. It’s disappointing, but at least we still get DUCKLINGS!

She ended up hatching five ducklings out of about 10 eggs. One didn’t survive the first 24 hours, but that still means she has 4 ducklings. It’s so funny to watch the three from the last litter. They are bigger than their dad! Then in comparison we have these new ducklings and it’s hard to believe they were ever that small!! They are in the stage where mama tells them to sit in a huddle and hide and they DO IT! I love this.

babies in a huddle hiding

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