Guys, GUYS!!!! It’s pawpaw season! Just in case you didn’t know. Paw paws are probably my favorite fruit. They are the largest fruit native to North America and the only tropical fruit native to North America. also, they are delicious!

I had a meeting with with my advisor yesterday in the UPA building. As I was leaving one of the professors was bringing in an armful of paw paws that had dropped off the paw paw tree in the native garden the sustainability program had planted and maintain. e was like “you want some paw paws?” and I was like “HECK YA I DO!”. So I proceeded to happily walk through campus to my next class carrying a handful of paw paws.

This is a paw paw

They smell like bananas and mangos and taste like that mix with some cantaloupe.

This is what they look like inside.

They have these huge seeds inside that look like miniature Brazil nuts.

We are planning on ordering some paw paw trees sometime this year, but I am also going to try my hand at growing my own from these seeds. They wont be producing for 4-8 years, but it will be neat to see if I can do it. The seeds are currently in the refrigerator for 100 days while they go through their cool cycle. Some plants require a “winter” in order to germinate, and even produce fruit as is the case with some apple varieties. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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