I’m almost done!!

I know I have completely dropped off the face of the planet for the past… almost 2 months? Thankfully I am almost finished with my Masters degree!!!!! The first draft of my thesis has been completed and turned in. I am almost finished with my final class. I have about one and a half months of school left. This all seems so surreal!!!

I have also been interning with a national agriculture NPO working on two research projects looking into cover cropping and climate change. This is exactly what I want to do as a full time job and I am absolutely loving it. I get to be on the ground floor, helping to plan the fields, test the fields, run the data. Everyday it seems like I am doing something new with them. I want so badly to be hired by this company when I graduate, but I now that’s a longshot. However, it is possible that if I get into the PhD program I have applied to that I will be able to continue with the internship.

It’s difficult because everyone keeps asking me if I know what I am going to be doing after I graduate and truthfully, I have absolutely no clue. Everything past December 9th is completely up in the air. At that point my classes are over, my internship is over, and my life is ???????? Although, that’s not entirely true. I should know about my PhD program by mid? November, so at least then I know if I need to be applying to other places, applying to other jobs, etc. I’m really kind of sad that I can’t stay where I am right now for longer than a month and a half.

Either way, hopefully this means you will be back to hearing from me a lot more frequently. I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of informing you of what has been going on at the farm!

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