Welcome, we are C and A, homesteaders in semi-rural KY.  This blog is not only meant to document our journey from being slaves to money to being completely self-sufficient and off the grid on their own property but also to teach other people how to live a sustainable lifestyle.  We understand that not everyone wants to live completely self sustainably, or underground, or off the grid, or any of those things, but we want to encourage the little changes that can be made to become more aware of how small decisions not only effect the people around you, but also the environment around you, and most of all your pocket books.  When we started we were surviving on $1500 a month and were happy, stressed, but happy.  We currently live in a hunting cabin on our friends 75 acre property which is about 10 min from our land.  Once the house is complete we are estimating that our monthly bills will be about $800, until we can pay off our mortgage, at that point it will be closer to $300.  Here is my question to you: can you get excited about only having $300 in bills every month?  What would you do with the extra income?  Extra time?  Would you be less stressed?  Would you be happier?  I know we would.

To get a good view on what we are doing and why check out our first post and the one about earthships.

If you want to help fund the project

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