The silver lining of biodiesel

No matter what happens, no matter how bad things get, there really is one thing I can rely on.  The God works in mysterious ways. As much as I wanted to get a car first, as much as I really wanted us to have 2 cars as soon as possible, things are working out the … Continue reading The silver lining of biodiesel

Why we are choosing to live off the grid

I told you in the beginning that at some point I was going to get political, well here it is. There are sooo many different reasons to live off grid. 1) you aren't subject to the same outages that other people are. Power lines go down and you still have power! 2) Little to no … Continue reading Why we are choosing to live off the grid

store bought vs homemade

When C was off for about 3 weeks friends gave us some canned goods and stuff to get us through.  we still have some left.  Yesterday the kids were being especially unruly (I think baby girl is getting some back teeth which makes everyone irritable).  I decided to make the kids some canned ravioli for … Continue reading store bought vs homemade