Guys, GUYS!!!! It's pawpaw season! Just in case you didn't know. Paw paws are probably my favorite fruit. They are the largest fruit native to North America and the only tropical fruit native to North America. also, they are delicious! I had a meeting with with my advisor yesterday in the UPA building. As I … Continue reading PAW PAW SEASON!!

More baby ducklings!!

It's official!!!! Mama duck has had her second clutch? brood? Brood. They are adorable!! I was able to catch one MID HATCH!!!! It was absolutely amazing. Hopefully this brood will fair better than the last one! She is also having some difficulty with her hatch rate. She only hatches about half of her eggs. It's … Continue reading More baby ducklings!!

I wrote an Op-Ed!

The final project for my summer class was to write a series of Op Eds and try to get them published. One of them was published!!! Below I have the link to the article and the article itself. ENJOY! The USDA has just approved a $4 billion debt relief fund to minority and disadvantaged … Continue reading I wrote an Op-Ed!