COVID-19 vs The Livestock Industry

How has the pandemic effected the livestock industry and how can we prevent these effects in the future? Find out when I interviewed a University of Kentucky extension agent, Corinne Belton.

How to raise children on a budget- my version

I have been coming across a lot of articles lately titled something like "raising a child on a budget" or something along those lines.  So apparently this is a fairly hot topic right now.  I do have to say that too many of the articles are written more from the perspective of someone who really … Continue reading How to raise children on a budget- my version

Is Entitlement Generational?

A friend posted a really interesting article today, it was from the Business Insider and it was about who the most entitled generation is.  I will summarize but I wont go into great detail.  if you would like to read it here is the link  It basically said that the millennials are being blamed … Continue reading Is Entitlement Generational?