The crud

We got back in late last night. While we were gone my allergies starting acting up. I couldn’t stop sneezing and I had fluid buildup in my ears. I was miserable… Until today… When I woke up with the crud that has been going around. C took care of the kids most of the day and fixed an amazing dinner (that ended up being more than enough for tonight and tomorrow night). I have spent most of the day sleeping or listening to a book. I hate days like this. I feel so unproductive. At least it was raining all day so I couldn’t have worked on the house even if I was feeling well. Hopefully tomorrow I won’t feel like death. 

Always behind

It’s the third day of the month and I already missed the second day of writing. One day I would like to actually fully go through something. 

But I have a good excuse. C’s grandmother passed yesterday morning. The kids and I drove down to be with his family yesterday while C was at work and he drove down today with the dogs. 

We will be here until Monday afternoon. 


I feel like a slacker because I haven’t been keeping up with my blog ever since we started working on the tires. Don’t worry, it’s not that I am bored with you, it’s that I’m afraid of boring you!  I did want to get back into the swing of being more deliberate with my writing though, so I joined a December writing club. The goal is to write everyday to get back into the habit. 

So on to day 1:

One of the things I have discovered with being out working on the house 3-4 hours a day is that I think. A lot. About very strange things. With the election I thought a lot about how to improve the country, but now that the election is over my thoughts have been all over the place. 

(This is typically where I do most of my thinking) 

Today i thought about parts of my childhood. Now before you go worrying that I’m going to talk about daddy issues or family trauma, just keep reading. 

Over thanksgiving C finally joined in to a game of Cards Against Humanity and decided he may just liked playing games again, but no promises. The next day he sees that they have come out with a card game version of the Oregon trail, so he orders it. Fast forward to today when it arrives just as I am leaving to work on the house. 

I, as most children of the 80’s did, loved the Oregon trail, however it was not a game my mom was willing to purchase for the house computer. Number munchers, where in the world is Carmen sandiego, those were ok. Not the Oregon trail. I had to wait for the rare occasion when we would have free time in computer lab, which rarily happened. So alas I did not get the full Oregon trail experience, but I am still really excited to play the game. 

This train of thought got me thinking about computer lab. The class where we learned the basics of computers, which mainly meant learning how to type quickly. There was a program they used where we would have to practice typing as quickly as we could and they would tell us what our words per minute speed was, and we weren’t supposed to get below a certain number. It was at this time, in about fourth grade or so, when I realized that I hated typing so much that whatever I did in the future would never involve having to type all day or require me to know my wpms. I am proud to say I succeeded in this goal. Are wpms even a thing anymore?  I feel very old after this post.  

Still going

We have finished row 6 and are on to row 7. We also have hired someone to come out for 4 hours a day 1-2 days a week. With my back still giving me occasional fits we decided it was best to get someone else out there so I can take more breaks during the week. Hopefully I will actually take the cue and take those days off. 

We also only have 13 more rows to go (hopefully). That makes me feel a bit better, knowing that we are 1/3 of the way done

And so it begins. 

I woke this morning with some real hope. Now don’t get me wrong, I also had fear and that fear brought tears, but after the tears came the hope. 

I was fearful of what either candidate would bring to the country. Neither was my choice (and while you may chastise me for voting third party I did so in a state I knew would be red, so red that even third party votes wouldn’t have swayed it). While I was not thrilled about a win for her I knew what to expect and I knew how to prepare for it. I do not know what to expect now.  

So how do I have hope?

I have hope because I know that our mission has prepared me for this. While we aren’t as far along in the house as I would like to be I have faith that we will be prepared to help the people who will need us the most. I honestly pray more that we will be able to handle the number of people who will need us.  We will feed people, hopefully give people good work, help them become less dependent on their utilities to free up income, and be a beacon of light in whatever storm comes. 

I agree that we need a change but this isn’t it. 

Sometimes we just have to modify

I have been working my butt off to get the tires on schedule. They are nowhere near being on schedule and I am killing myself trying to work hard enough to do it. The other day I went out and did 12 tires (our daily goal) by myself. It took 6 hours. 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. I hurt so badly that I took the next 3 days off. Making me the. 3 days more behind. I think a modification is in order. I am redoing our goal to 6 tires a day. This will put the end date as February 5th for the tires. It’s way later than I want but it allows be to do the tires completely by myself if I have to, I won’t be stressing as badly, and everyday that we do more than 6 tires is a HUGE win. I would much rather celebrate everyday then be frustrated with myself everyday for months. The other awesome thing is that 1) C just started on an insulin pump which is making him feel better than he has in years and he has far more energy and 2) if people DO want to help it should only take 1-2 hours to punch out at least 6 tires. I feel much much better. 

My blisters have blisters

We have been working on tires for 11 days now. We have 31 finished. It’s getting better and a lot easier to do them. I have gone from filling 2 an hour to almost 4, and that’s without any help. I am trying to go out first thing in the morning and working until about 11. Then I take a break until about 6pm. My hope is to be able to complete 12 tires a day doing this. 

The weird thing is that today, the 11th day, I got 4 blisters. I must have done something differently. They hurt like heck and hopefully won’t keep me from working tomorrow. C is getting me some gloves this week. That should help a lot. 

I am also getting very muscular. I asked C if he wanted tickets to my gun show. He was not as impressed with my joke as I was. I still think it’s funny. 

And it’s on!  

Yesterday we officially started the tires. We tried our hand at the first tire to get a hang of what we are doing. It took about 6 buckets of dirt but the tire looks great. In order to finish in the time we need to we have to do 12 tires a day. At this point in time it seems a bit ominous but…  If we can get a few people to come out to help we should be able to do it. We also plan on having a 2 day event in October where people can come and camp out, we will get as many tires done as we can, and afterwards we will have a big cookout with music and fun!  I call it the “barn raising” party. In the meantime we invite anyone who wants to come and help to hit me up for days and times we will be out!  Help is always welcome!!  

Are you ready?  We might be…

We got the backhoe today and got everything done that we wanted to do!  We leveled the area around the concrete, dug the very large hike where the septic will be, and dug the grey water area. All in all it took us about 12 hours of hard labor to get it done. We cleaned up and treated the kids to pizza afterwards because they were… Mildly good. They didn’t kill eachother, which we were happy about. 

So now for the HUGE news!! 

We are starting the tires!!  Which means that we need as much help As we can get!! So now is the time to hit me up, pick a date, grab a tent, Shovel, wheelbarrow, sledgehammer, whatever you got and come on down!!  C and I are hoping to plan at least one “barn raising” event to try and get as much done in one weekend as we can. 

See you soon!! 

Because it’s taking too long 

We ordered a backhoe. It will hopefully be here Wednesday. After almost 2 weeks of me going out and digging an hour a day C came out. We dug for about 30 minutes before we both realized it would take us way too long to dig everything ourselves. As much as we want to save money we have to weigh money vs time and chose what is best for both. Right now we need to get The ground level so we can start the tires. We agreed though that if we are spending grow money form backhoe then we are also digging the lagoon and septic and also the grey water. If we have time we will add the battery house too. Hopefully I will have more to update after Wednesday!