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This blog was started years ago when I, Aysha Tapp Ross, and my husband Chris started building a homestead in rural KY.  From day one we wanted to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of switching to an off grid homesteading lifestyle. We started documenting our journey from being bound by the constraints of money to being completely self-sufficient and off the grid on their own property.  We want to use our resources to teach other people how to live a sustainable lifestyle as well, not just to help save the planet from the effects of climate change but also to save your pocket books from having to throw all your money at bills every month with little leftover to enjoy. When we started we were surviving on $1500 a month and we were stressed about money, but we didn’t want to change our belief systems in order to survive. Instead, with our ecology backgrounds, we set out to change the way we were living. We wanted to show that by living sustainably you could be frugal and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle. We have been at this over five years and continue to grow. Through those years we have learned a lot and want to share all of this with our readers. I am now a graduate student researching regenerative farming and Chris is growing his apiary and will soon begin studying to be a master beekeeper.

To get a good view on what we are doing and why check out our first post and the one about earthships.

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