A down day

I’m having a down day today. We took the day off, the first Sunday we have taken off in a long time. We need it, it was the right decision, but I am slowly coming to the realization that moving by Christmas probably isn’t going to happen. Our roof guy won’t get back with us, we have had to do a lot more ourselves than we were planning, and there are still so many things that need to come together. It isn’t going to happen in five weeks.

It’s sad because I really wanted to give the kids a Christmas in the new house. We haven’t had a tree in years (this will be our third), and it would just be the perfect way to make the move, but it’s not a big deal. It will happen. Someday it will happen. For now I can spend some time being a little sad and then we can get to work again.

This week we should be finishing putting up the major parts of the outer walls, putting up the wall to the greenhouse that will also support the roof, and hopefully ordering g the roof trusses to be delivered and installed next week. We also need to work on concreting the rest of the inside tires. We are so much further than even six months ago. I’m excited to see where we are in another six months.

A hard days work

We busted our butts in 40 degree weather all day today but we did it! We finished the outer walls in the loft. Now we need to put up the walls to the closet and the greenhouse, and finish putting up concrete on the tires inside and we can put the roof up! We met with a guy yesterday who can build trusses for us in 3 days. We could potentially have most of the roof up by December. This makes me very happy. We also met with the guy who is installing our septic tank today. He needs to mark it and have it approved by the inspector but we should have a septic tank installed in December as well! It’s all starting to come together!!!

Moving’ right along

That reminds me, I need to have the muppet movies on hand…

Aaaanyway…. look! Outer walls! We are constructing outer walls!! The hardest part about these are cutting the metal pieces that go on the top and bottom (that allow the wall to be curved instead of using wood for the top and bottom), and putting the screws in on the outside of the wall. It’s looking really fantastic though. I also contacted our roof guy to let him know we are ready for him to start whenever he is ready.

We also put up the beams along the front of the loft that will hold up the roof. The two that are closer together in the middle (they are to the right in the picture) will be the entrance to the loft. This is very exciting!!!

Progress… and a thumb

We have officially completed the tires for the house (this was actually reached about a month ago)but acknowledged yesterday. Now we have been doing the tedious work of concreting the CRAP out of them. We have poured at least 6 pallets (56 bags per pallet… 336 bags of concrete) and still need to order at least 3 more to finish the concrete work to the rest of the house build. We are probably one good work day away from being able to put the outer walls up that will support the roof.

Then the roof goes on. Hopefully we can get the guy to come out to do all that. Hopefully. We can do it all ourselves, we just don’t want to.

The great ladybug infestation has also begun. We are hoping this isn’t a sign that bad weather is coming.

Lastly the work has been moving slowly because last Wednesday I fell while pouring a bucket of concrete and smashed my thumb with said bucket filled with wet concrete. I ended up with 8 stitches and an order not to use it for at least two weeks. I guess I’m going to have to slow down for a while. *sigh*