Paint, septic, and other things

We painted 4 rooms so far. We still need to paint the ceilings, but that will get done soon. The colors so far are pretty amazing. We are painting the ceilings a nice off-white-almost-tan color. Then it will finished with dark brown baseboards and crown molding.

They also started digging the hole for the lagoon. Hopefully we can get the pipe run from the house to the septic tank before they finish the job so that maybe we can get the hole in front of the front door filled in. We also are putting drywall up on the ceiling in the main room. This in itself has given me nightmares. Right now it’s going really easily but soon we will be the part that a ladder can’t reach. I’m not too thrilled. We may be waiting and hiring professionals for that.

Finally, just in case I haven’t told you lately, I love our house. Like, LOVE our house. So much that I don’t want to leave LOVE MY HOUSE. here is a lovely living room/kitchen picture.

Wrapping it up

Oh my goodness I never thought we would be here. First off they dropped off the dozer that will be finishing up our septic (it’s about time!). Monday they should be working on getting us a working septic so we can install the toilet!!!!!

The last two weeks have been spent putting up drywall and mudding that drywall. Today we pained our first room!! We still have to finish putting up drywall in the main room and the bathroom, but it’s almost all done! Instead of trying to get the drywall perfectly flat we did the best we could and then used a mud sprayer thing to spray a really cool texture on the walls. We are really loving it.

We picked our paint colors and painted the girls room a really pretty green (the coloring in this photo is completely wrong, sorry guys). Our 13 yo G picked out the color. Sometime next year we are adding a tree with lots of pink flowers. We let each child pick a color and a design and we incorporated it’ll the colors to fit the theme. G picked green and A picked pink. The boys are having their room painted yellow in a few days with blue and pink circles (they both wanted pink too) to be added later.

The coolest part is that we bought a paint sprayer so once we got it working it took about 30 minutes to have the whole room painted. We wasted a lot of paint trying to figure out the first wall so I have a lot of touching up to do still.

C also starting putting in the sub flooring in the kitchen and put together my kitchen sink cabinet. It isn’t in place yet but when it is it will be fully functional!

By next Thursday the upstairs will be ready for us to move in (except the bathroom) and the kids rooms will be ready to be moved in (except for the floors). I’m a little excited.

So much to do and so much done

We are pushing really hard to get the house to where we can move in. We are very close to finishing the drywall. The electric is almost all hooked up. The water is almost all hooked up, and we will be putting in floors soon. It’s really exciting but also super overwhelming. I have been going out to the house almost everyday for anywhere from 2-8 hours at a time and C has been going out on the weekends and after work. We are both exhausted. Here is what it looks like so far: the kitchen is above and the boys and girls rooms are below.

The upstairs