We have found the land!!

This is so exciting!  We have found the land we want to purchase and it is perfect!!

Let me back up, it’s not a perfect piece of land.  It’s actually a terrible piece of land.  The first time we looked at it (back when all we wanted was a tiny home), we were horrified by it.  Nobody is going to want this land.  It’s 5-10 acres (two 5 acre plots next to each other) of rolling hills.  there is almost no flat surface.  No access to it off the main road, no utilities, nothing.  It is a raw piece of crappy land that someone is going to have to pay a LOT of money to do anything with if they plan on building a traditional home.  However, it is PERFECT for an earthship.  The hill slopes on the SE side which is exactly where we need it to for the greenhouse, there are no trees so we don’t have the added cost of removing the trees to excavate, and there are absolutely no neighbors.  The only issue we may have is where to put the garden, but that shouldn’t be too big of an issue either.  The best part?  The seller is willing to do seller financing!

We are planning on contacting the seller soon to go look at the land.  take measurements, look at property lines, and discuss possible financing options.  We may actually be able to purchase the land earlier than expected!  We still need to do some massive work beforehand.  Fundraising, blueprinting, approval on the house (or at least no major issues with building an earthship), locating tires.  The amount of work that must be done before we can purchase the land is a bit overwhelming but it’s totally doable.  It’s exciting to think we may be able to start building before May.  Our ideal thing would be to move in may (not to the house but a temporary dwelling closer to the property that doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as we are currently paying in rent).

Keep us in your prayers please!!  Also I am considering starting a fundraising campaign to help with the cost of the build.  We are confident that we can get together a nice down payment on the land but we are looking at about $10-$15 thousand to be able to excavate and put in the cement floors.  We really don’t want to be living in temporary housing until we get that money together…. But it’s still possible if we are paying less than we are now in rent.

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