I am tired

I am so physically an mentally exhausted right now. 

Between getting back to working, taking care of 4 kids full time, making all out food from scratch, taking care of the garden, starting the farm, and building a house I don’t think I get more than 30 minutes to myself each day. I used to insist on “mommy quiet time” for at least an hour everyday but that’s been thrown out the window. 

At the moment our garden is doing great!  Our peppers are producing and our tomatoes are just now starting to flower. We need to get the posts up soon to control the growth of just about everything. 

Then we have the chicken coop. I’ll be posting on just the coop soon, but for now we will just go with: it’s almost done. We need tacks for the wire and screws for the boards on the walls and we will be done. Then we can move the chickens. I’ve already lost two due to their refusal to renter their run. Im so mad I’m not even speaking to them right now. I’m going to have to retrain them for the coop. 

The meat birds are doing really well. I will be building a run tomorrow and adding the wire possibly next weekend. They still aren’t big enough to move sonim not in a huge rush. They are definitely roosters though. They are so funny to watch as they practice fighting. It’s too cute. 

The house is still at a standstill as I try to gather everything together for getting the permits. My next step is making a few phone calls and turning in the required paperwork to have the perc test done. 

We are going down to C’s parents 4th of July weekend to pick up the freezer, pick up some chickens, and harvest her bees. I am very much looking forward to this trip. I can’t wait to see them. It will be more work but I never feel like it’s work, that is until I get home an I am more tired than I was when I left. 

Stay tuned for updates on the coop and the saga that are my hens. Grrrr I’m so mad at them right now. 

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One thought on “I am tired

  1. keep up the good work… remember, success can only come to the ones that are the hungriest. You will have failures small or big but they will lead to your success!!!!!

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