Rainy Day Blues

I have been really sluggish lately. I’m not sure if it’s the amount of rain and mold we have had the past two weeks, the stress of not having things with the house in order like we wanted to by now (waiting for the rain to stop so we can do an accurate perc test and my architect is no longer answering my phone calls), the loss of the dog, or having the kids home all day every day that is really wearing on me. Whatever it is I have no desire to get off the couch lately. I do get off the couch because we have to. As one of my mentors says “the cows have to be milked” meaning no matter what is happening, how you feel, who died, etc, things HAVE to get done, life has to go on. If you don’t and you let things go you spend that much more time getting it back. It’s a downward spiral that you just don’t want to get started. I think my solution to this will have to be to make myself a to do list and really work on getting it done. Today I need to wash all the dishes (there are maybe 10 dishes in the sink so that’s not a huge deal), put away the load of laundry in the dryer, do some actual work, straighten the living room, check on the garden, and take down baby girls crib and set up her pack and play. The crib is too big for our current room and changing it out for the pack and play will allow me enough room to start unpacking some of my work stuff. That seems like an overwhelming amount of stuff to do but most of it is easy stuff that can be done when the baby and baby girl go down for their naps, which thankfully is very soon. My day so far has been spent chasing around baby girl and cleaning up her pee messes because she still refuses to wear a diaper but wont use the potty. Yay me! please pray we will both survive her potty training and that I can get out of this funk soon.

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