The ground is still dry enough for us to work on the plumbing. We put in 20 ft of the concrete forms at the highest point to make sure the plumbing is in fact going to be under the concrete. The we went to work digging ditches and laying pipe. The sewage pipe needs to have a 1/8 inch grade, meaning that for every foot of pipe the pipe needs to go down 1/8″. This sounds much easier than it is. After trying multiple ways of doing it we decided on using a triangle method. We know the length of the pipe and the depth of the pipe at he end based on the grade (this is why it is important to know math!! yay geometry).  Based on this we can connect a string that will represent the grade. Then we lay the pipe based on that grade. Then double and triple check we got it right before we cover it up. We have about 1/3 of the pipe laid right now. Here are pictures of us laying the pipe before we glued it all together. 

   Our first piece of glued pipe!!  

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