The tire wall fell again. It was completely unexpected. We had a torrential downpour that caused a mudslide that took out part of the wall. It collapsedpart of the inner walls we had built and probably sets us back by about a month.  It’s frustrating because I should have paid the extra $400 to have the backhoe another day so we could prepare the hill properly so water wouldn’t drain into the house.  It’s frustrating because our next thing we were going to do was put up 6inch concrete pillars to reinforce each inner wall to the tires. It’s frustrating because we have 2 days a week to do any kind of work if it’s not raining and I feel  the rest of the 5 days we are fighting destruction of everything we did those 2 days. I’m just tired and frustrated. 

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3 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. Oooh, dear :(. I am sorry you’ve had this setback. I know there was very bad weather over the weekend and the power was out/trees down in a lot of places. This is hard, and you can’t be blamed for feeling the pain of it, but don’t give up. You’ve made it this far, you can succeed, and it will be all the more glorious when you do for the trials you have overcome. Remember that the testing of your faith produces patience. Praying for you and the house project.

    • Thanks. We are going to get out tomorrow and Tuesday (as long as there isn’t any more rain) and reassess the situation and start working on the rebuild. C thinks we can have it fixed and back up with 3 good days of work. We are also putting up a water barrier around that area until we can get the ground behind it built up the way we want. It’s a setback but not one that will ruin us. I am going to try to have more people out every available day that I can in order to get these tires finished. We won’t do the last backfill until around July when there is a lot less rain which will give the dirt more time to settle.

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